Welcome back Tastemakers! Tastemaker Conference 2019 is quickly approaching and we are so excited! Attending a conference is a whir of activity – traveling to the destination, nonstop networking, and coming home to an overflowing inbox of messages and to dos. We’re sure that you’ve been thinking about Tastemaker Conference since you hit that purchase button and are wondering what it’ll be like, who you’ll meet and connect with, and what you’re going to learn. We’ve been working our booties off to ensure you have the BEST conference experience of your life. Let’s talk about 4 tips to maximize your conference experience.

Tastemaker Conference


First things first, make sure you’re utilizing our website and our app so that you can view the Tastemaker Conference daily schedule! We’ve broken down each day and time slot so that you can maximize your conference experience and be able to plan ahead and decide which workshops you want to attend and get to know the amazing lineup of speakers.

The location of this year’s conference is in Portland, OR at Leftbank Annex and it. is. BEAUTIFUL! Get to know the location and where each workshop you want to attend is so that you can eliminate the worry of wandering around and/or getting lost!

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Ok, we know that you want to be present and soak in everything you’re learning and we want that too! BUT, in order to maximize your conference experience, documenting it, is important.

You can connect with other attendees, speakers, and sponsors in real time; give your audience a lot of great content, and show others who couldn’t attend what you’re learning and experiencing. It’s also important to use and know any hashtags that will be used and conveniently ours is #tastemakerconf2019, easy right?

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You’re going to meet so many people at Tastemaker Conference so be sure to go into it knowing beforehand what kind of relationships you want to create for your personal and professional life and brand.

We know it can seem a little bit awkward and intimidating to introduce yourself to someone new, especially when it’s someone you follow and admire but this is a safe place made for connections and business opportunities. But that’s why we have an amazing Facebook group where you can meet and make friends ahead of time! We also have an app where you can connect.

Connecting, meeting, and networking with your fellow attendees, speakers, and sponsors will allow you to maximize your conference experience, grow your community and create potential collaborations and partnerships. Networking will also ensure you a ROI (return on investment) so be sure to network your little foodie heart out!

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Eventually, Tastemaker Conference will end (sad face), and another year will be in the books. Once you’re home, the easy thing to do is immediately go into catch-up mode; the last thing on your mind is following up with the people and brands you just met. But don’t let that happen! Follow them on Instagram, like their Facebook page, subscribe to their YouTube channel, send them an email, and engage with them. Keep the conversation going so that you can be beneficial to eachother.

By following these strategies, you can make sure the time, effort, and money you’ve spent actually turns into true relationships, not just one-time conversations that are quickly forgotten.

If you haven’t already, please join our waitlist, follow us on Instagram, and like us on Facebook. We always welcome new Tastemakers with big, open, warm arms.

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