7 Ways To Attend a Conference on a Budget

Conferences are essential for growing your business and expertise. And you have heard how amazing Tastemaker Conference will be. From our fabulous speaker lineup and workshops, to the amazing sponsors and connections you will make with likeminded foodies, it is the food blogger conference to attend. And we want you to provide you resources so you can attend on a budget.

This is the biggest setback for attending a conference

The number one setback that deters you, and many people, from attending is: MONEY.

This is a subject everyone is scared to talk about because it feels crass, or uncomfortable, or what have you. However, we are going to talk about it!

Listen. WE GET IT.

Most of us live on a budget.  Many of us are not at a point with our blogs where we feel we can justify the expense of attending a conference. Or maybe we simply don’t believe enough in our vision or blog to think we deserve to attend. (Which is a LIE! We all started our businesses from nothing.)

7 Ways To Attend a Conference on a Budget

Attending conferences can sometimes require a sacrifice and big investment.

And I promise you, it is WORTH EVERY PENNY.

Let me tell you my personal and financially-detailed story (by the way, this is Abbey, the founder of Tastemaker Conference) about attending conferences and how they changed the entire trajectory of my food blogging career.

I have attended three conferences and trade shows since 2015. I spent over $2,000 on those events by purchasing tickets, travel, and accommodations. It felt SCARY. Spending money and investing in ourselves IS scary. But 100% of the time I have earned that money back. And so much more!

My first conference connected me to a group of food bloggers who welcomed me into their Instagram pod and network. Through those relationships, I was introduced to brands and earned partnerships and sponsored work with over 8 companies, resulting in $8,000 of revenue on my blog. All of this was through making connections with other food bloggers.

I attended my second event because of those contacts from my first conference. At that trade show, I met with over 25 brands. Those contacts with the marketing departments were extremely valuable, and I gained 5 sponsored partnerships, resulting in ongoing partnerships and $10,000 of revenue.

My third event, I attended because of a contact I met through my network. (Networking is the gift that keeps on giving!) I was able to meet 15 brands, and earned $20,000 revenue through those partnerships.


I invested $2,000 in my food blogging career, and BELIEVED I could create something real and valuable with my food blog.

That resulted in over $38,000 of revenue because of the contacts and networks I made.

Opportunities to network with brands and like-minded entrepreneurs are the golden ticket to success. Tastemaker Conference will give you access to achieving your business goals and dreams for your blog.

7 Ways To Attend a Conference on a Budget

We are providing you 7 ways you can make it work with your budget.

1. Attend with a buddy.

This is nice for many reasons, financial restraints being one of them. You can plan a road trip with a friend and split the costs, which is cheaper than flying, AND you get to bond and play your most epic road trip play lists.

2. Stay with a friend or family.

Mix business with pleasure and stay with a friend or family to cut costs on hotel fees. I bet your Grandma Myrtle or Aunt Gladys will be so happy to see your smiling face! And as a nice gesture, you can whip them up your most delicious meal with the sweet swag you will receive from attending our conference.

3. Find a roommate.

We highly suggest this route. Not only do you make a new friend and have someone to attend the conference with (social anxiety can plague us too!), but you can cut your conference costs by one quarter. And it’s easy to make friends because we have an awesome Facebook group for Tastemaker Conference attendees.

4. Use your tax return to invest in your business.

This is something you should make a habit! Take a percentage of your return each year and put the money back into your business. Look, we know buying that handbag you’ve been eyeing for months sounds more exhilarating, but investing in your business will always give you a big return if you’re willing to do the work! And we promise that buying a ticket to Tastemaker Conference will be just as thrilling when you see the amazing swag you’ll be getting. (I can’t spill the beans yet, but it is SO GOOD.)

5. Ask your employer to help pay costs.

If you employ yourself with your blog already, you should definitely come because conferences are a tax write-off. Also, there are not very many educational opportunities like this available, and it’s important to stay up to date on industry trends and standards. However, if you still have a nine-to-five, but dream of turning your food blog into your main gig (and we will give you ALL the steps to make this a reality), then perhaps you could ask your employer to help pay costs. Even though our niche focuses on food content creation, we are offering quality classes, workshops, and panels that educate you on skills such as branding, social media marketing, and digital marketing. These are vital skills many employers value. And remember this: you don’t ask, you don’t get.

6. Attend as a brand ambassador for a company.

This one is often overlooked, but is such a smart and beneficial way for both parties! In a nutshell, a trusted company with whom you already work sponsors your ticket and conference costs. But what if I’ve never worked with a company? Find a brand whom you admire, get the right contact, and ask! It benefits them because they get brand exposure to hundreds of other food influencers, and you learn important skills to create high-quality work that provides results! Win-win!

7. Take advantage of sales and promotions.

Ahhh, the final golden nugget of wisdom. We did indeed save the best for last. And it’s quite simple. Take advantage of Early Bird pricing and sales or promotions. But what if I missed the Early Bird pricing?  WE HAVE FANTASTIC NEWS! (Besides the crazy amazing swag we can’t wait to announce!)

April 10-12 we are running a 3-day flash sale, where you will save $50 off your general admission ticket to Tastemaker Conference! I KNOW! We are just as stoked as you.

CLICK HERE to purchase your flash sale ticket and save $50 on general admission. This sale will only run for three days, and tickets are limited. If you’ve been sitting on the fence about attending, consider this your leap of faith into the best thing you can do for your food blogging business!

Can’t wait to see you there!






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