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Here at Tastemaker Conference we are always trying to think of ways to best serve our community.

We often get questions about finding freelancers to help build websites, VAs to help organize your business, graphic designers to get your branding in order. So, we thought it would be beneficial to our community to create a space where we can help bloggers and content creators with their business, while also creating opportunities for freelancers to showcase their work!

Are you looking to hire someone for your team? Great! Let us help you. Our classifieds are updated weekly! Purchase your ad before Sunday 6PM PST to get into that week’s roundup and supporting promos. All you need to do is fill out a short form with all your details of the job position and we’ll post it to our site for potential applicants to see and apply! And if you are looking for a job, look no further! Head to our classifieds and check out all the potential job opps for you!
Freelance Directory
Whether you are looking to list your freelance work or a business owner looking for a freelancer to help you with your business, the freelance directory is the place for you! It’s a free tool for all to use to help contracted work from both sides of the partnership.

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Tastemaker Conference was founded with the goals of community, education, and experience in mind. We are a small, but mighty team! And occasionally we do have opportunities for more team members. If you are interested, please check out our listings to see if there is a spot for you on the team!

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