In this episode, Tastemaker Conversations podcast hosts Susie and Todd Bulloch (Hey Grill, Hey) speak with Des Fowler and Kadee Morrison (Oh So Delicioso) about their entrance into the blogging world, how their friendship started, and how they eventually teamed up to build the beautiful food blog, Oh So Delicioso. They share about what it takes to stay organized, avoid burnout, and fearlessly approach brands. All while working together as a team.

Des and Kadee will be taking part in an awesome panel discussion during Tastemaker Conference, delving even more into how they work together to continue to grow their successful food blogging business.

Tastemaker Conference is taking place September 14-15, 2018 and tickets are still available (but going fast!)! Invest in your ticket here:

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Podcast: Building a Blog While Working as a Team



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