Welcome to the Tastemaker Conference resources page, a list of tools and products we have thoughtfully curated to help you grow your food blog business. We use these products here at Tastemaker Conference, and also on our own personal food blogs. It’s our goal to help you seamlessly streamline your workflow. With these tools you will be able to work smarter, and achieve your food blogging goals.

  • Tastemaker Conversations – this is our new podcast for food bloggers and foodie influencers, where we share tips on how to successfully grow your food blog, the latest industry trends, and inspirational interviews with experts in the food influencer business
  • Tailwind – this is what we use to schedule our pins and grow our Pinterest (hint: it’s the only way to do Pinterest efficiently and successfully)
  • Instagram – follow us for a daily dose of community and education, and give us a like on Facebook, too!
  • ConvertKit – the power of email marketing is real, and we use this program to effortlessly automate our emails, and build an engaged community
  • Tastemaker Conference Blog – we share weekly content about social media tips, food photography and videography tips, how to monetize your blog, and info on how to organically grow your blog

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