Google for Creators AMA: Google Web Stories Best Practices Q&A

This last week our Founder and CEO, Abbey Rodriguez went live in the Tastemaker Collaborative with Alex Durán, Product Marketing Manager and Shishir Malani, Google Web Ecosystem Consultant of Google for Creators. We’ve got the replay, the Q&A, and resource list for you. You can also learn more about creating long-term strategies here. Watch the […]

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  1. Audrey says

    Do you have any recommendations for outside hosing for video for Google web stories? I do not want to slow down my site by uploading the videos to my WP media library.

    • Amanda says

      Hi Audrey! Yes, please check the video at (41:18).

      You can also see the written answer:

      Q: I’ve been hesitant to use video, as I don’t want it to slow down my site. Do you recommend a video on every slide? Or will it still gain traction just including a few slides with video? And can you link videos from external sites like YouTube so as to not burden our server sites? (41:18)

      A: Let’s address this in two parts.

      First storage. We originally heard a lot of issues for creators that videos took up too much storage space. So, we’ve improved this a few ways.

      One: You can take a video directly from your desktop and drag it into your media panel on the plugin specifically, it will convert to mp4 and will automatically compress it as well. However, still try to use smaller videos and just clips. This will help with loading.
      Two: You can add videos that are hosted elsewhere. You can use the “link icon” under the media panel on the plugin and pull the link from where it is hosted. It would need to be a mp4 for now, not YouTube, but you should be able to pull from an external link. We will bring it back to the team that there have been more issues with this.
      Second, bandwidth. We’ve enabled a cache where all your videos are cached through Google to help your bandwidth usage. But we’re always thinking of new ways to improve the video usage to make it more seamless.