• Why this summit? SEO is the thing we are all told we need to focus on. But it can be a daunting target that feels ever-changing and constantly moving. (And then you throw in the conversation about generative AI, which can feel overwhelming!) But, it doesn’t have to be, and we are here to help you work through all your pain points and questions about how to master SEO, so you can drive quality traffic to your website, ultimately earning you more revenue and business. You’ve got this—and we’ve got you!

    Who is it for? Intermediate to experienced recipe publishers ready to take their SEO skills to the next level.

    When and where is it? October 4-5, 2023, 501 Union, Brooklyn, NY

  • Who will be speaking?

    • TopHatRank
    • Mediavine
    • More speakers TBA!

  • Value

    Valued at $5,000!!! All for only $1,199! 

    A 2-day event that focuses on a deep dive into SEO. It includes the content, breakfast, and lunch both days.


    • Travel: Fly into JFK
    • Please book your own hotel/accommodations. Hotel recommendation is here.
    • ADA: “We have flat access to the atrium and the main space; there is a ramp from the main space into the lounge area, and our space is fully accessible with a wheelchair or walker.”


What People are Saying

  • "Each and every conference/workshop through tastemaker has been an experience of immense learning and fellowship. I always walk away feeling more in control of my growing business through the knowledge I gain and the contacts I make at these conferences and workshops. It's wonderful to be amongst people who understand exactly what I do and the struggles I'm going through to achieve my goals. It's a great space to turn to when you need help or support with any aspect of your business."

    - Nosheen Babar,
    Untold Recipes By Nosheen

  • "The Tastemaker Conference covers many aspects of food blogging. The format allows any blogger, regardless of their level of expertise, to find educational topics that are relevant to their niche and experience. The relaxed atmosphere and culture of inclusion make for a fun week and facilitated connections with my peers. "

    - Jenny Wooster,
    Peel with Zeal

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Wednesday, October 4, 2023


Module 1: Introduction to SEO for Food Bloggers

This short module focuses on laying the foundation for the rest of the SEO for Food Bloggers summit. Attendees will walk away with a foundational understanding of the different types search engine algorithms updates, known ranking factors, Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines, and Google’s published guidelines.

Module 2: On-Page Optimization for Food Bloggers

Going beyond best practices; this module will teach you all of the tips and tricks on how to optimize titles, headings, images, and videos. Learn how to laser focus your content to target high demand keywords while still providing value to your readers.

Lunch Break

Module 3: Off-Page Optimization for Food Bloggers

Discover the power of off-page optimization. Learn how to execute various link building techniques, including guest blogging, broken link building, resource link building, podcast interviews, event sponsorships, and HARO (Help a Reporter Out). Gain insights into conducting effective outreach and building strong relationships with other websites and bloggers.

Module 4: Google's Manual Rater's Guidelines

Gain invaluable insights into Google’s Manual Rater’s Guidelines in Module 4. Understand the direct impact of these guidelines on search engine rankings. Explore the criteria for page quality, content quality, and user satisfaction.  Uncover the significance of E-E-A-T (Experience, Experience, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) and its influence on search engine rankings.

Networking and Work Time

Thursday, October 5, 2023


Module 5: Keyword Intent and Topic Ideation for Food Bloggers

Master keyword intent, topic ideation, competitive analysis, and topic clusters in Module 5. Learn to identify high-volume, low-competition keywords using tools like Key Search and SEMrush. Develop a strategic topic ideation plan to generate captivating content ideas. Uncover new opportunities through competitive analysis and fill content gaps. Leverage topic clusters to boost your website’s authority and search engine rankings.

Module 6: Technical SEO for Food Bloggers

Loose your fear of technical SEO. This module focuses on teaching you how to improve your website’s search engine discoverability, crawlability and indexability.  Master site architecture and URL structure best practices. Harness the power of schema for improved search engine visibility. Walk away with the expertise to elevate your website’s performance and drive organic traffic.

Lunch Break

Module 7: Measuring SEO Success for Food Bloggers

Unlock the power of measuring SEO success in Module 7. Explore essential tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and SEMrush for comprehensive data analysis. Learn to track and measure keyword rankings, traffic, and engagement metrics. Dive into data analysis techniques to make informed decisions and improve SEO performance. Set actionable goals and create a roadmap for continuous improvement. 

Module 8: Advanced SEO Techniques for Food Bloggers

Level up your SEO expertise. Learn to implement E-E-A-T signaling, optimize content for user intent, and enhance information architecture. Harness entity-driven internal linking and adapt to evolving search engine algorithms. Develop a long-term SEO plan and incorporate AI into your workflow. Walk away with advanced SEO skills and strategies to propel your food blog’s success.

Networking and Work Time

Friday, October 6


Excursion to the Met

We will be taking an excursion together Friday morning October 6th to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met presents over 5000 years of art from around the world for everyone to experience and enjoy and we are excited to explore it together!

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