Episode 8 of Tastemaker Conversations is the one you’ve been waiting for! Susie and Todd of Hey Grill, Hey have an amazing  conversation with Tim Robinson, VP of Marketing for Thermoworks, and Chef Martin Earl, Thermoworks Culinary Editor.

We are incredibly thrilled to introduce Thermoworks as the Tastemaker Conference presenting sponsor, and we are grateful that Tim and Chef Martin took the time to do this Tastemaker Conversations podcast interview.

Tastemaker Conversations: Affiliate Marketing for Food Bloggers with ThermoWorks (Presenting Sponsor at Tastemaker Conference 2018) | food blogger podcast, blogger podcast, podcast for entrepreneurs

This podcast interview will take you on a journey of interest, science, and laughter as we discuss the history of Thermoworks, the science behind each of their thermometers, cooking to temperature, and most importantly,, how food bloggers and influencers can use affiliate marketing to grow their income. ThermoWorks has one of the best in the industry offering 10% on every commission. (Trust us when we say they make the best and highest quality thermometers in the industry.)

Apply RIGHT NOW to become an affiliate with Thermoworks so you’re ready to go before Tastemaker Conference in September. Here is the link: http://affiliates.thermoworks.com/affiliates/


ThermoWorks ThermoPop

Just a reminder, that Tastemaker Conference will be happening September 14-15, 2018 in Salt Lake City, UT. Tickets are currently SOLD OUT but head on over here to sign up for the waitlist t in case a ticket becomes available.

Leave us a comment below telling us how excited you are for the conference, and especially how excited you are about Thermoworks being there as our PRESENTING SPONSOR!


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