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  • "I participated in the pitching and pricing workshop hosted by Abbey and Chandice from Tastemaker Conference. I highly recommend this workshop for content creators wanting to explore the possibility of working with sponsors. I went into the workshop with a goal of landing a brand deal that would bring maybe a couple thousand dollars into my business. Three weeks later I landed a sponsorship that was way beyond my expectations, giving me a 10x return on my investment! I never would have had the confidence to explore this possibility without Abbey and Chandice's direct, positive, encouraging support and expertise. Attending this workshop is one of the best decisions I've ever made in my business and could not recommend it highly enough!"

    - Megan Porta,
    Pip and Ebby and Eat Blog Talk Podcast

  • "Through my lessons with Abbey and Chandice, I have gained so much knowledge, joy, and confidence in the sponsorship side of my business! They helped me build on my natural strengths to find the perfect pitching method for me, and by the end of the 4 week course, I had already closed a deal 5 TIMES higher than my normal rate! I would recommend this course to anyone."

    - Alexandria,
    The Foreign Fork

  • "I can't say enough good things about the course on Pricing and Pitching. Chandice and Abbey gave each of us one on one help and guidance that has lead to amazing success. I not only got help creating a media kit and rate sheet, but guidance in choosing which brands to reach out to and how to reach them. Within three weeks of the course, I have already had telephone conferences with two brands and have two more scheduled for next week. But their help didn't stop there. Once I had a telephone conference set up, they helped me role play what I would pitch and then they helped me come up with a pricing proposal. Prior to signing up for this course, I had only done one small sponsored post and now I have four in the works! They gave me the tools, along with the confidence, to get the sponsored work that's a good fit for me. I also developed great friendships with other bloggers who I can reach out to for advice and encouragement in the future."

    Butter and Baggage

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Week 1


Week 1 – Creating the Documents You Need for Your Ask Part 1

  • Speaker: Abbey Rodriguez

Week 1 – Creating the Documents You Need for Your Ask Part 1

Zoom call with Abbey: Identify your value proposition, and refine your revenue model vision so you can create accurate pricing for your work and align pitches with your revenue goals. You will also learn how to build the proper documents for the ask, including proposals, case studies, and campaign reports.

Week 2

Proposals + Pitching

Week 2– Creating the Documents You Need for Your Ask Part 2

  • Speaker: Chandice Probst

Week 2– Creating the Documents You Need for Your Ask Part 2

Zoom call with Chandice: Review your work with Abbey from Week 1 and receive tailored feedback and copy for your current media kit, pricing documents, and proposals.

Week 3

Week 3 – Cultivating an Abundance Mindset & Building Your Sales Pipeline

  • Speaker: Chandice Probst

Week 3 – Cultivating an Abundance Mindset & Building Your Sales Pipeline 

Zoom call with Chandice: Mindset is a key part of landing your pitches and revenue goals (and this can be a scary aspect of pitching, but mindset can make a huge difference!) 

This week we do the following…

  • Talk about your struggles and fears and how to better understand your relationship with money from a business perspective. 
  • Identify road blocks that are keeping you from your full earning potential. 
  • Discuss and learn about helpful tips for cultivating a positive abundance mindset around your relationship with money and how to have the confidence to ask for what you want. 
  • Learn how to communicate your value proposition by using metrics and data to create a base of knowing your monetary worth, and how to make an ask that results in a yes. 
  • Lastly, we will create your sales pipeline system based on your revenue goals documents with this new abundance mindset.

Week 4

Week 4 – Making the Winning Pitch

  • Speaker: Chandice Probst

Zoom call with Chandice: This is the fun part! We will dive deep into what you need to get that YES you’ve been waiting for. Here’s what we’ll cover. 

  • Learn what to include in your pitch for each phase of your sales pipeline
  • Brainstorm your pitch templates based on your individualized sales plan
  • How to best communicate your proposal and the importance of flexibility in negotiations
  • Draft your pitch templates with 1:1 guidance 
  • Draft and send a customized pitch email to at least two leads on your sales pipeline
  • Schedule a tentative calendar appointment for a sales call with Chandice acting as agent and mentor to guide the conversation in real-time, so you have real-life and hands-on experience seeing the process BEFORE you get on your brand call
  • Schedule call for Chandice to act as your temporary agent to help facilitate the negotiation with a brand of your choosing

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