Tastemaker Conference 2020 has been converted to an online virtual event, which will be held on September 24-25 from 10:00 AM – 7:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time. The theme of this event is “Creating Change in Times of Crisis.”

At this virtual conference, you will learn current and relevant business building strategies and tactics to help you recover and pivot in a changing economy, taught by top leaders in the industry. There are 20 game-changing classes and talks focusing on the topics of revenue, SEO + tech, business operations + marketing, DEI training, and content creation. 

All sessions will be presented live, so you can ask questions and interact with speakers, attendees, and sponsors. Access to the giveaways and prizes requires live participation.

However, if you are not able to attend live for any reason, Virtual Tastemaker Conference is being recorded and will be available on-demand after the conference concludes and through June 2021 (for 9 months!). Don’t worry—we have you covered and we are making sure you have continuous access to the content, in a conscious effort to supplement your growth and learning as a food content creator.


10:00 AM: Welcome + Opening Keynote with Presenting Title Sponsor, Allrecipes

Revenue Track

10:30 AM: Diversifying the Dough (TM) – How to Create Multiple Streams of Income in your Food Business or Blog – Chef Evelyn Williams

When it comes to food, there’s more than one way to cook up some cash. In this presentation, food bloggers, chefs, culinary influencers and food brands will learn the benefits and importance of having more than one source of income and learn how to leverage their current business model to create additional revenue streams.

Chef Evelyn started her first food based business at just 15 years old. Since then she has gone on to create multiple streams of revenue both online and offline.

In this presentation participants will learn how to:

    • Incorporate the 5 categories of income streams that every food blogger/chef/influencer should have.
    • Market multiple revenue streams without confusing their audience
    • Pinpoint the Best Revenue Streams for Their Specific Business
    • Leverage their current business model to create additional revenue streams

11:15 AM: Content During Corona: Or How I Learned To Wear A Mask and Maximize My Website Income Despite the Uncertain Economy – Heather Tullos, Mediavine

Learn content strategies for monetizing the traffic surge so many food bloggers are experiencing in spite of the RPM drop due to Covid.

12:00 PM: Deep Dive Into Product Creation and Sales – Susie and Todd Bulloch, Hey Grill Hey

Susie and Todd Bulloch are the duo behind their seven-figure, three-brand business. Susie runs her grilling and BBQ based food blog, Hey Grill Hey. Todd manages their product company, Patio Provisions. And together they built and maintain their online course based business, The Grill Squad.

In this class, they will deep dive into product creation and sales. Topics will include using your existing brand to develop products or courses and generate sales as well as specifics surrounding white labeling, product development, e-commerce/course platforms, and product distribution. You may not need specific strategies for each of these topics right now, but the business principles and entrepreneurial spark may inspire you to think outside the box for ways to generate revenue for your own online business.

1:35 PM: Brand + Influencer Transformation in 2020 – Archana Mundhe, Ministry of Curry

The pandemic has affected advertising budgets, and has changed how partnerships function. However, there is still opportunity to cultivate and sustain those lasting relationships with brands. Topics that will be covered in this class include:

    • How to build brand +  influencer relationships 
    • Impact of COVID and what is changing
    • Real life examples of how brands and influencers are reacting 
    • Actionable items for influencers to implement right now


2:20 PM: A Strategy for Website Accessibility – Andrew Wilder, NerdPress

Having an inclusive site that’s easy-to-use for people with visual or other disabilities isn’t optional, it’s mandatory. The good news is that it will expand your audience and help grow your traffic and revenue!  In this session, we’ll demystify “Accessibility” and why it’s important, show you simple tools you can use to understand what needs to be improved on your site, and empower you to implement a strategy for making your site more accessible for everyone.

3:05 PM: Topic Siloing; Optimizing Categories and Their Structures – Arsen Rabinovich, TopHatRank

What do topics, categories, information architecture, and query syntax & intent have in common? They are all a part of what helps Google determine which pages on your website should rank for which keywords, they help search engines understand the depth of knowledge and information you have on a specific topic, and help with algorithmic evaluation of your website’s user experience. All of which translates into improved rankings and traffic.

Join us for this presentation that will deep-dive into real-life examples. scenarios, tools, processes and procedures for properly structuring and organizing your website’s informational silos. 

3:50 PM: Content Auditing for Food Bloggers: How to Cultivate your Content Garden – Casey Markee, Media Wyse

Everybody knows that good content is needed for long-term rankings in Google, but not every piece of content you publish is going to be a winner. In fact, most published content is going to hurt you long-term if you don’t understand how to cultivate and constantly till that content garden. 

In this presentation with noted SEO consultant Casey Markee, learn how to separate the content weeds from the content flowers and what to do with seasonal or just-in-time content. Participants should expect to learn the following:

    • Understand what Google says about content auditing
    • Learn how to bucket content for sorting, updating, and pruning.
    • See historical results from clients who have successfully audited content at scale.

Content auditing is a must for the average blogger and should be done on a regular basis. This webinar will give you the blueprint you need to approach it decisively, regardless of site niche or topical focus.


5:00 PM: Managing and Building a Team in Uncertain Times – Emily Perron

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of uncertainty right now in our businesses, our country and our world. One benefit of this time is that the many changes and shake-ups have shown us where we may have blindspots and need support, especially in our businesses. Luckily, there are impactful ways to find the support you may need now more than ever in your business, regardless of the unknowns. 

Organizational Strategist and Recruiting Specialist Emily Perron is known for her knack for finding talented freelancers and the hiring process she’s developed, refined and shared with hundreds of food bloggers. 

In this session, you will hear her break down hiring in an unpredictable financial and global climate, so that you can get the support you need — and deserve. The session will cover:

    • Who to hire right now: where to start, how to develop the right role and picking the best candidate even when the economy is shaky.
    • Building a more diverse and inclusive team: ensuring that you aren’t missing out on the best talent because the freelancing industry offers an incredibly diverse talent pool with high performers from all different backgrounds.
    • Onboarding and developing a relationship for the long-term: especially, what to include in an independent contractor agreement to protect yourself.
    • Managing techniques to create a strong partnership: including how to handle a few different tricky scenarios, such as under-performing team members.

6:00 PM: Closing Remarks

6:30 PM: Dinner Cooking Class Excursion, Presented by Allrecipes

Virtually mix and mingle with your fellow foodies, and the pro chefs at, where you will learn some new skills. Stay tuned live to be entered for top-quality giveaways from Le Creuset, Mealthy, and more!

7:30 PM: Cocktails & Conversation, Presented by Allrecipes Allstars Program

Mix and mingle with a drink in hand, and learn more about how to become a member of the Allrecipes Allstars program!


10:00 AM: Welcome


10:10 AM: Variety is the Spice of Life: Becoming an Anti-Racist Tastemaker – Dorianne St. Fleur, Your Career Girl & Jasmine Lukuku, Black Food Bloggers Club

Food media is changing in unprecedented ways, and with the recent spotlight on racial inequity, there has been more awareness around racism experienced by Black, Latinx, and Indigenous People of Color. In this session we will be discussing ways you can deliberately embed anti-racist principles in your work as a Tastemaker.

11:35 AM: Working Smarter, Not Harder: Time Management, Scheduling and Executing Your Content Creation – Karli Bitner, Cooking with Karli

Karli has mastered the art of batch working, scheduling and taking time off! In this class, learn how to consistently publish new content, no matter the time of year or the extra stressors that are in your life.

Karli will teach you exactly how she batch shoots twice per year, takes five months off (all of summer, November & December), while consistently publishing three new recipes per week. With a little bit of planning and scheduling, you’ll be ready for whatever life throws at you—all while your business THRIVES!


12:20 PM: Repurposing Video Footage to Maximize Profit and Reach – Brita Britnell, Food with Feeling

If you’ve dabbled in video then you know HOW MUCH time it takes to film, edit, and get everything posted just for one single recipe on your site. But, what if you could take that footage and repurpose it into new videos that can be posted across multiple platforms in order to maximize reach and profit? We’re going to go over how you can get the MOST use out of your footage and make videos that are best suited to the different social media platforms including Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube and more!

1:05 PM: Pitch Yourself for Podcasts – Vallery Lomas, Foodie in New York

While other media forms are contracting, podcasts are expanding. And since many hosts aren’t recording in podcast studios right now, It’s the perfect time to pitch yourself for a podcast interview. Why should you be a podcast host? Doing any type of media outside of social media earns you instant credibility, and it can be a great way for your followers and subscribers to connect with you in a new way. Plus, you’ll expand your audience by tapping into a completely new group.

1:50 PM: Social Media in 2020: Rapid Fire Session – Ashley Segura

Are you wondering how to utilize social media to get readers to your blog? This rapid fire session covers everything you need to know, including strategies for the top social media networks, how to create engaging content on social media, and how to outplay the social algorithms. Plus tons more! Hold onto your seats because it doesn’t stop there, we’ll also cover the following topics: 

    • How to represent your brand on social media in times of crisis
    • Social media advertising tactics to help retarget and convert visitors
    • Tricks to stay ahead of the Facebook and Instagram algorithms
    • Intro to the newest networks like TikTok

2:35 PM: How to Diversify Your Pinterest Strategy- Kate Ahl, Simple Pin Media

Pinterest is being used more and changing almost daily. Their latest algorithm change in July solidified that regular pins are definitely foundational, but Story Pins, Video Pins and even GIF’s are an important part of getting more traction on Pinterest. And not just traction for the sake of traffic, but also for getting more email sign-ups, sales on your products, and new tasters of your recipes. Learn how to implement a diversification strategy that won’t add a ton of time to your plate.

3:20 PM: Predictable Growth: How to Grow Your Email List for $5/Day – Susan Wenograd

You know you need to grow your email list, but how? Visitors are likely to take the recipe and leave. Want to grow a raving fan base who feel like you’re everywhere? The answer is easier than you think, if you know the power behind different types of ad units that you can run for just a few dollars a day. Find out how to keep your email list growing on autopilot, and stacking up reliable traffic as it grows.

4:05 PM: Money-Making Food Photography – Rosalynn Daniels

Taking beautiful photos is one thing, but taking photos that will help you generate income is a completely different story. This class will provide you with the essentials needed to use natural light food photography to stand out to brands and clientele. You will learn the nitty gritty and simple techniques that will take your photography to a level that will help you generate an income.

4:50 PM: How to Establish & Communicate Your Value to Clients – Rachel Korinek, Two Loves Studio

Show clients what you’re worth by justifying your food photography rates through communicating value. How to establish and communicate your value now and for any increase in rates.

5:30 PM: Closing Keynote – TBA

5:50 PM: Closing Remarks

6:15 PM: Dinner Cooking Class Excursion, Presented by American Lamb + ThermoWorks

Virtually mix and mingle with your fellow foodies, and the pros at American Lamb + ThermoWorks, where you will learn about the latest technology for making high quality food. Stay tuned live to be entered for top-quality giveaways from ThermoWorks, Le Creuset, Mealthy, and more!

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